5 best Christmas gifts for a stoner

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5 best Christmas gifts for a stoner

5. A good grinder

Every stoner has got one. But they are usually some cheap grinder they picked up years ago that either over grinds or just gets stuck. RYOT’s GR8TR range are premium grinders that are designed to give the perfect grind every time and will last a lifetime!

4. A grow bag

Coming in all shapes and sizes the grow bag is perfect for a grower. Breathable and impossible to over water these bags are a must have .

3. An electric dab

Electric Dab Rig

Dab is becoming more and more popular but the process is not. If you want a super simple and efficient way of smoking oil or shatter buy the electric dab! Turn it and and smoke it up!

2. Grow Glasses

This is a must buy for any indoor grower. Not only is this very important for protecting your eyes from the powerful light from LED and HID but they also allow you to see your plants in a natural and revealing light blocking out most of the spectrum.

1. A Seed


The best thing a smoker of bud can do is start growing their own! There is nothing like the satisfaction of smoking the weed that you yourself grew. Moving into summer its the perfect time to try your luck at growing.


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