75 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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LED grow light QTM 150

75 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

QTM 150 LED grow light

Grow lights making use of LED technology has improved greatly over the past years. The new standard for growing indoors is changing, the old standard of HPS and HID bulbs are making their way for the young kids on the block.

The QTM 150:

The MSA team have tested these lights and measured their PPFD at different heights and distances away from the light to mimic the spread of light in your tent. The downloadable PDF below shows the light footprint at different heights.

This light is extremely powerful, the amount of light is produces for the wattage it draws makes this a perfect indoor grow light.

  • Samsung LM301B LED chips
  • Meanwell LED Driver
  • 75W Actual Draw
  • Aluminum casing and heat sink
  • No Fan design for ultra-quiet operating.
  • The large size of the board allows for an excellent light dissipation area.
  • 700 PPFD at 30cm
  • over 36 000 lux produced

The fact that this unit only uses 75w of electricity is mind blowing.

  • Low electricity bills
  • Produces high quality cannabis
  • Does not produce mass amounts of heat when in operation.



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