A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Nutrients

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A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Nutrients

Organic vs Chemical

Organic and chemical fertilizer are most commonly found in a hardware shores or being sold to cannabis growers. What is the difference?


Organic nutrients, such as BioBizz, contain a broad spectrum of unrefined chemicals; produced naturally when plant or animal material breaks down. In an unrefined form, organic nutrients first need to be broken down by soil microorganisms. Common examples are Vermipure Worm Tea, bone meal, composts or fermented plant juices.


  • Improve soil structure and water retention.
  • Slow release, low risk of nutrient burn.
  • Toxic salt buildups reduced.
  • Full spectrum nutrient.


  • Nutrients are unavailable without microorganisms to break them down.
  • Nutrients are released randomly.


Chemical nutrients such as the General Hydroponics range, are just that, chemically manufactured. Despite being made in a laboratory, the base ingredients can be organic in nature. Chemically refined nutrients are more pure and can contain less trace elements. Plants rapidly absorb refined nutrients.


  • Rapid response to feeding seen.
  • Scientifically made to be as accurate to labeled concentrations.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Nutrient burn and overfeeding is common.
  • Produced from non-renewable sources.
  • Does not feed soil, only plant
  • Chemical buildups in the soil cause acidification and nutrient lockouts.
  • Can lack sufficient trace elements.

The Tortoise or The Hare?

If you are all about that harmony in nature and creating a healthy patch of soil for all your future gardening needs then the application of organic fertilizers is recommend.

Is one shot of inorganic bloom booster before flower really going to give me bigger tomatoes, or is it just not worth the risk? Life is all about risks! Just be aware of whats happening to the soil as you feed it, balance and consistency is key.


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