Afghani Strain Review

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Afghani Strain Review

Its a grandfather of a strain

This strain hails from a land-race named after the place it was taken. The mountains of Afghanistan where some of the earliest variations of cannabis were found. This strain has formed the basis for some of the best strains around the world such as Northern lights.

Afghani is an Indica through and through. It has an intoxicating relaxation to its high. I felt a deep sedating happiness and euphoria. This strain is especially useful to those struggling with insomnia. You start off relaxed and happy and by the end your eyes are drooping! This strain is also recommended to treat anxiety, stress and is good for increasing appetite.

This strain is pungent! It was a very skunky but surprisingly sweet aroma. While the taste is also quite earthy with a sharp sourness to the end. This strain is know for its resin output, so its a go to for anyone looking to make resin, dab or even hash. The buds themselves are a lush green with beautiful white wisps that grow off them, contrasting against the red fiery hairs!

If you are looking to pick up this classic piece of cannabis history you can do so here!


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