Best strains to smoke at night

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Best cannabis strains for night time

Best strains to smoke at night

Top 5 Strains to help with Insomnia

Having a good nights rest is vital for a healthy body, and for 30-40% of the adult population, a good nights rest is just out of reach. For those that suffer insomnia at night, here are some strains to consider.

The “Indica” varieties of marijuana are known for their deeply relaxing and calming mind and body effects.

In recent years, scientist have found that high levels of THC ease insomnia sufferers to sleep.

Marijuana SA offers a wide selection of cannabis genetics; we are proud to say that we stock strains suited for medical use, the list below contains 5 strains available at MSA Seeds.

5) Master Kush

  • Genetics: 100% Pure Afghani,
  • Aroma: Old-school herbal, earthy, floral and citrus.

Straight out the mystical Kush Mountains, a carefully selected Indica plant was responsible for todays Master Kush.

The Afghani genetics are prized by many for their medical and recreational uses. The high could knock a rhino off its feet. For those seeking tranquility and a peaceful nights rest this strain is a winner. Strap in for full body relaxation.

For those suffering insomnia or tension within the body this loving strain will tuck you into bed, and kiss you good night.

4) Sweet Rebel

  • Genetics: (Mazar-i-Sharif x Afghani 00) x Lowryder,
  • Aroma: Spicy and earthy with sweet undertones.

Mazar-i-Sharif, the mythical stress buster. Known for its extremely long lasting and mellow high. The relaxing yet cerebrally stimulating high induces fits of laughter and happiness. The cross with the pure Indica Afghani 00, equips Sweet Rebel with an arsenal of insomnia busting tools.

Light up and lift off, Sweet Rebel is reported to leave you tingling from head to toe in full body relaxation and mental bliss. Dissolve insomnia and feelings of anxiety and stress, you will hardly know what got you worked up after toking Sweet Rebel; it really is a ‘sleep all night’ strain.

3) Brain Damage

  • Lineage: Black Domina x LA Confidential,
  • Aroma: Potent pepper.

Don’t be fooled by this 50/50 hybrid, she packs a punch, “you might be out like a light if you’re not careful”. The balanced THC and CBD chop right through insomnia, pain, inflation and anxiety, making this strain a double edge sword.

As the long lasting effects set in, an initial buzz in the cerebral area can be felt. Users report being swept away into an extremely deep stone after the initial sativa effects disappear.

The intense couch-lock and inability to open your eyes make this an ideal strain to add to the night time toking menu.

2) Critical Cape Cheese

  • Genetics: Critical Cape Cheese x Super Cheese F1,
  • Aroma: Pungent, cheese.

Cheese is one of the most iconic strains in South Africa. Ask anyone for ‘indoor’ and you can find a wide variety of highs. Cheese is such a variable strain offering sativa or Indica highs.

This special cheese is an intense Indica variety, it brings an exciting stone for even the most veteran stoners. The high is intense and the couch-lock effects are perfect for the night and easing those suffering insomnia into a deep sleep.

A truly medical strain associated with the relief of insomnia, pain, inflammation and anxiety. When this strain is made into edibles, they are guaranteed to knock you out all night.

1) Northern Lights

  • Genetics: Northern Lights (Holland cut) x Ruderalis,
  • Aroma: Pine, sweet, fruity and pungent.

One of the most legendary strains from the peak of the 1970’s cannabis culture; straight out of Holland, Northern Lights makes its way to the top of the list.

The original Northern Lights from Holland, was a hardy Afghani Indica, with a short bushy appearance and extremely dark, fat leaves. The fast growth and extremely large potent yields made Northern Lights an extremely popular strain.

The high is intense and hits like a train, users report that their feet feel heavy and entire body falls into relaxation. When consuming large doses of Northern Lights, it is near impossible to keep your eyes open. Insomnia be gone and have a deep uninterrupted night rest.


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