Autoflower Cannabis Explained

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Autoflower Cannabis

Autoflower Cannabis Explained

As you have already noticed MSA hosts a good variety of Autoflower seeds. With our next shipment arriving early next week all of your favourite autos will be back in stock soon. We thought this was a good opportunity to take some time and talk about what exactly Autoflower Cannabis seeds are and where they come from.

Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Cannabis can be traced all around the world resulting in genetic differences. Everyone knows of a Sativa and and Indica however there is a third less common strain out there known as C. Ruderalis and she is the one that makes all our autos possible. Ruderalis originates from Asia, Eastern Europe and specifically Russia. Due to the more harsh conditions and varying light periods the Ruderalis has evolved to rely on maturity rather than light cycle. This allows for the Cannabis to flower basically under any conditions.

By breeding stronger Indica or Sativa with Ruderalis one gets a plant that goes from seed to flower in around 10 weeks while still producing a powerful bud. Its short life and smaller size makes it perfect for beginner growers who are still testing the waters and are not quite sure what setup they need yet. As well as more experienced growers who maybe have some space in their grow room they need filled. Because the light cycle doesn’t matter you can flower out your autos in your veg room and have something to smoke while you wait.

Characteristics of Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is a shorter plant compared to is Cannabis Sativa and Indica counterparts. Typically growing to around 50 – 60cm it has a rugged growth pattern and shape. The buds are spread out and are typically quite dense and supported by thick stems.

What really makes the Ruderalis so valuable is the flowering cycle. Instead of relying on photoperiod it relies on maturity. This allowed for the modern day Ruderalis hybrids that generally start flowering 21 – 30 days after the seed has been planted.

MSA Most Popular Autoflower

Black Mamba Autoflowering h

Type: Autoflowering feminized.
Genetics: Tangie Dream x Skunk x Rudelaris.

THC level: 17-23%
CBD level: 0.05-0.10%
Harvest time from germination: 75-80 days.

These seeds emerge from the successful crossbred between one Tangie Dream selected clone and one new Skunk generation clone, to end up crossing them with a Rudelaris genotype, in order to obtain its autoflowering gene expression.

Black Mamba Autoflowering from MSA is a mid-sized plant although this does not prevent it from having a high productivity, its buds have an earthy aroma and a characteristic Skunk-like flavor. Aromatic nuances of very little sweet skunky plant.

MSA Fan recent Autoflower Harvest (Kali Mist and Power Plant)

The Kali Mist and Amnesia Lemon are going fast so head over and make a purchase now.


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