Be careful growing cannabis in South Africa

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Be careful growing cannabis in South Africa

Though the recent legislation of cannabis has sent everyone into a frenzy of excitement you should still be fully aware of what you are doing.

Growing is legal, but dealing is not.

By all means grow grow grow. However you need to be aware that if the operation catches the attention of the popo they may want to pay you an unexpected visit. As they did in our case. On a Monday night in January 2019, close to midnight, we were awoken by 8 cops banging on the door to be let in. They had spotted our lights shining through the window of our apartment. Though I let them in and they all gawked at our plants there was nothing they could do because; A) there are a few of us living here and that justified the quantity of plants and B) we didn’t have any other illegal substances on site.

A scary experience, and I hope that you also make sure that you try to keep it on the low down just in case they decide to surprise you.

Keep safe and happy growing.

Peace & Love


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