Do not grow Blind!

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LED light glasses

Do not grow Blind!

The damage of LED lights on your eyes!

Most people these days have discovered the amazing revolution of LED in indoor grows. There power and reliability is unparalleled. Yet not many people are talking about a massive issue they pose to growers. The damage dealt on their eyes!

Growers are spend a significant amount of time in their grow space. Be in pruning, adjusting the lights, admiring, etc. For most of this you are in the powerful glow of the LED lights. Even a small glance at these lights can cause damage to your eyes, with a longer period of time even causing permanent damage. LED lights output UV light that the plants need to grow. This UV light is bad for your eyes. Think about the UV light that the sun outputs and how painful it is.

So the answer are grow light glasses. These glasses block 100% of UV rays to your eyes, meaning even looking directly at the light will not cause any damage to your eyes. They also allow you to see your plants clearly in purple light, allowing you to see them in their real colour. Which might be even better than protecting your eyes.

The only problem is that these glasses are pretty expensive, but you have to ask yourself. Would you pay a little more to save your eyesight!


off, especially for you❤️‍????

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