Growing from Seeds vs Clones

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seeds vs clones

Growing from Seeds vs Clones

Which method is for you?

Both seeds and clones are great ways to grow cannabis. Like everything in life each method comes with its pro and cons. Some experienced growers stand by their respective way of growing cannabis, but chances are if you are asking this question you are newer to the scene and just want some information. Seeds vs Clones is the first step you have to make on the way to growing your first plant.


We have covered clones before, but they are basically a cutting taken off a mother plant which you then replant and flower. These cuttings are clones and are are genetically the same as the mother plant. The cannabis industry seems to be raving about clones lately. There is a reason for that!

As the world moves towards total legalization of cannabis, massive grows have been set up. These grows favor clones as it mean that they can quickly grow many plants as the clone is much further along in its development than if they planted them from seeds. All you need is one mother plant and with that you can have multiple little plants already past there 2 week seedling stage. So growing clones means you can flower quicker and with more plants. It also means that they know the exact genetics that they can expect from the plant.

So growing clones means you can flower quicker and with more plants

The problems with clones is that if the mother was particularly susceptible to any disease all the clones will be. This could mean all your plants could get affected and die. You also do not have any guarantee of the strain you are buying as you will be buying a small plant, probably from someone you met who has a mother. There probably won’t be a return policy!


Many experienced growers will only grow from seeds, for a very good reason. Seeds are also a better method for a new grower as they are pretty easy.

For one they are reliable. You can buy seeds online and be assured of their strain and quality. This means you can pick out the exact strain you want, looking at THC content, indica or sativa, growing time, etc. You can also buy feminized seeds, meaning you will 100% be getting a plant that will flower. You will not have to worry about those pesky males.

Seeds also mean that if you grow it well you will be have a healthy and natural plant. This might sound simple but if you grow from clones you could be growing from a mother that is years old. Cannabis is meant to grow for a one year cycle, not kept for years and years. Which could cause problems for its genetics and growth!

If you really want a plant to flower quickly you could go for auto-flower seeds. These seeds will flower after a set amount of time no matter what! So if you grow your plant healthy you could have bud after as little as 4 weeks!


There really is not one better method. Choose the method you prefer. We at MSA prefer growing from seeds as then we can grow any strain we want. You should get out there and grow and let us know which method you prefer.

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