How to make Cannabis clones!

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how to make cannabis clones

How to make Cannabis clones!

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Clone are by far the fastest way to produce marijuana on a larger scale. If you want to skip the hassle of growing from seeds, Cloning is for you. With this technique you do not have to deal with issues like germination, lengthy grow times and bad genetics.

First you have got to have your mother. She should be well developed but still in the vegetative stage. Your going to want to clip off some of the plants inner nodes. These would be small but nicely developed branches that stem from the lower areas of the plant. They should be pretty bushy, as this means more hormones for growing, and they should be 10-20cm. This is going to be one of your clones.

Then you’re going to want to slightly trim individual leaves. This ensures the clone will focus more on root development than photosynthesis. Your also gonna want to use a razor and scrape and split the stem as it gives the clone more area for roots to grow from.

Now for the planting! First you want to dip your stem into rooting hormone, promoting growth. Then we planted our clones in jiffy cups as they have a nice amount of moisture and then into small material pots. You then need to place the clones in a humidity dome. You then need to mist the clones a couple times a day. The clones need this moisuture as they do not have roots yet. The only water they can get is through their roots.

So there you have a it. A basic guide on how to make some successful clone. So get cloning!



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