Why growing cannabis with LED is better?

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Why growing cannabis with LED is better?

South Africa has all the sun, but LED could be a game changer.

The technology in LED lights has advanced at an amazing rate over the last few years. The price of LED lights has decreased while their effectiveness and technology has only improved. Why is this important to a grower of cannabis? Well, LED is the best method for an indoor grow.

LED are unbelievably more effective than your HID or halogen lights in terms of energy efficiency. This means in the long-run you’re saving money in terms of the price of simply using them. There is no beating around the bush, the price of buying a LED is higher than your standard HID light. Yet the LED is so much more efficient it will always be more cost effective, meaning your investment will be worth it.

Do your HID lights require replacing? Well this rarely happens with your LEDs. They run for a really long time, not needing any maintenance. While HID also become less effective over time in terms of intensity and output, LED runs with little loss in performance.

Do you have a problem with temperature in your grow room? This is another area where LED lights excel. HID lights are known to produce a lot of heat. This can cause a lot of problems for your plants, meaning you will need ventilation or cooling systems. If you choose LED you won’t have any problems with temperature, as LEDs run really cool. With lower temperatures LEDs can be moved as close to the plant as you want, without any worry of burning the plant.

We really can not oversell LEDs. They have countless benefits and are the future of indoor grows without a doubt. So if you are thinking of setting up a grow think of LEDs first!


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