Blue Amnesia XXL – Strain Review

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Blue Amnesia XXL – Strain Review

It’ll make you forget in the best kind of way

Blue Amnesia is a beautifully balance hybrid of sativa and indica. The strain is a cross between OG amnesia and Blueberry, which birthed the aptly, if not unoriginally, named Blue Amnesia.

The buds are an amazingly dark shade of green. This makes the dark orange hairs stand out, in a stunning mix of green and orange, all highlighted by the crystal white trichomes. The buds have a nice earthy smell, kinda like pine or the smell of a wet forest. The taste is super reminiscent of blueberry, tasting really fruity with a lovely berry flavour.

Amnesia is a pure uplifting, energizing sativa while blueberry is a strong relaxing lethargic indica. Together they create a balanced hybrid. You start out the high with a strong head high, fulling you with energy and making you really talkative; this slowly transitions into a nice relaxing body high perfect for chilling. You really get the best of both worlds.

This is a super fun strain to mess around with, i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to relax and deal with stress. This strain is also said to help deal with depression

If you are interested in some blue amnesia you can pick some up here!


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