Blumat Tropf Demonstration – Marijuana SA

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Blumat Tropf Demonstration – Marijuana SA

Carrots in my grow tent?

Smart irrigation, sit back and relax without having to worry about your prized queens drying out, when using the Blumat Carrots! Automatic irrigation has never been this easy with the Blumat systems quick and easy installation.

What are Blumat irrigation Carrots?

It is a unique smart irrigation system that can regulate the water supply to your garden or grow tent. The Blumat carrot detects the soil moisture and dispenses water when needed, this system will accurately dispense your water or nutrient feed saving you from wasting due to excess runoff. Keeping your ladies moist will keep them happy as clams!

How does it work?

The carrots are made of a special material that can sense the moisture of the soil. Once setup, calibrated to the desired soil moisture and connected to a gravity or pump reservoir. These carrots will automatically drip until they detect the remembered soil moisture, then they will stop the flow of water. The Blumat carrots are non-electric meaning they will still water your plants even when load-shedding turns off your lights.

Please check out the Blumat range on our web shop HERE.

Check out the Blumat website for more info.



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