Caliburn-G: CBD Smoking made easy!

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Caliburn-G: CBD Smoking made easy!

The use of CBD has become incredibly popular. This is understandable considering its ability to produce a shockingly large amount of medical and holistic benefits. Resulting in a completely natural remedy that improves one’s general well-being. The question moves on to your preferred method! Do you grow a CBD strain in your garden or do you buy some CBD drops? For an easy-to-use and honestly pretty fun alternative, I would recommend the Caliburn-G.

The Caliburn-G is a CBD Vape Pen that allows the user an easy method of consuming CBD on the go. It has a really nice slick metal design, and to use all you have to do is press the button and inhale! It has a dual air-flow system that allows a change from an airy inhale to a slightly tighter one. Unlike more restrictive vapes, you do not need to buy expensive pods! Instead, you buy CBD liquids to use with the refillable pod which should last longer.

A little bit of housekeeping. The Caliburn-G uses a USB-C, which is great as you should have some extra cables lying around just in case. You have the option of using either a 0.8 Ω coil, for larger clouds, or a 1.0 Ω coil for an experience similar to a cigarette. For use with the 0.8 Ω coil, the best VG:PG ratio for your e-liquid is 50:50, while for the 1.0 Ω coil the ratio should be from 50:50 to 70:30.

Otherwise, the Caliburn-G gives a satisfying, on the go approach to smoking CBD that I recommend you give a go!


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