Cannabis Nutrient Value Bucket Unboxing Umya Nutrients

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Cannabis Nutrients

Cannabis Nutrient Value Bucket Unboxing Umya Nutrients

Who is Umya?

Umya is a local South African company that specializes in agricultural plant nutrients. After years of research and testing, the team was able to develop this exciting range of carbon integrated nutrients.

The range is specially formulated for cannabis, when used together these products offer everything you could ever ask for to grow the dankest nugs.

What are carbon integrated nutrients?

Carbon is the building block of life. Umya nutrients make use of carbon as a delivery system. They are semi organic nutrients that are suitable for hydroponic and soil grows.

Within the value bucket you can find:

Pot Grow

Applied at week 3 of veg and end application after the first week of bloom after your plant has gone through “the stretch”.

Contains all the nutrients your plants need in the vegetative stage to boost shoot and root growth.

Pot Flora

Start application of 5-10g one week into the flowering cycle. Pot Flora can be used until the last week of flower.

Increases the density of flowers and potency.

Pot Radix

Applied in a dosage of 5-10g for the first two weeks of the vegetative cycle.

The low concentration and balance of nutrients does not harm the sensitive seedling in the beginning of the vegetative growth.


Can be mixed into your growing medium before growing and each week 5g can be applied to the soil surface to be watered in.

Contains over 30 different soil microbes that help improve the soil quality and feed your marijuana.

Carbon K

Most commonly applied in the third week of flower at a dosage of 5g per week for the next 5 weeks.

Potassium is an important plant nutrient for the functioning of leaves. Leaves start to turn brown at the tips during the switch to bloom, and this is a sign you need Potassium.


Apply 5-10ml from the 2nd week of veg until the end of the first week of bloom to combat yellowing leaves.

NC32 is a Nitrogen booster that provides your plants with an instant boost.


Can be used at low dosages, throughout the plants life cycle.

Contains beneficial microbes as well as plant hormones that stimulate increased growth rates and healthier plants.

CalMag Essential

CalMag essential can be used throughout the grow and bloom cycles; at between 5-10ml for veg and 5ml for bloom.

Calcium and magnesium deficiency is the most common deficiency found in cannabis. Large amounts of calcium and magnesium are absorbed during the vegetative stage. Upon entering the flowering stage calcium and magnesium deficiencies are most common.

Hormo-Cibus Foliar Spray

Full of plant hormones that accelerate growth and promote healthy, pest resistant plants. Cannot be used in the flowering stage.

Multi Foliar Spray

Can be applied each week throughout the vegetative stage. When straying flowering plants it is best to avoid the buds at all costs. Contains a full spectrum of photosynthesis boosting nutrients, auxins, humic and fulvic acids.


The last week of your grow should be dedicated to flushing your plants. Normal water and nothing else must be used, the pH is not important here. Flushing is the process of washing out any excess nutrients that have built up inside both the growing medium and the plants reserves.

The growing medium after a weeks worth of flushing has no nutrients left to be absorbed by the plant. In order to survive this last week, all the nutrients in the buds must be used to finish her development.

Incorrectly flushed cannabis flower is full of the nutrients used for growth. These excess nutrients result in a harsh, and unpleasant smoking experience.



UMYA Nutrients MSA


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