CBD Skunk Haze – Strain Review

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CBD Skunk Haze – Strain Review

A Calming Cup of Tea

This is our strain review of CBD Skunk Haze by the Dutch Passion Seed Company. Which is a perfect example of the advancement the marijuana industry has made. For so many years marijuana was illegal and you would buy from some dodgy street character (or wholesome dealer person). Today things are different. You can grow your own, without any worries about an ill-educated policeman busting down your door to acquire your 2g baggie. The best part is that you can choose exactly what you want to grow depending on your specific needs.

Balance of puff

Some of us love a good couch lock, others a good head high. CBD Skunk Haze is a CBD high strain, containing a ratio of up to 4:1 in terms of CBD to THC. This means that along with a good high you get the beautiful calming feeling that comes with the high level of CBD. To me, this strain is like a good cup of tea on a Sunday morning. It’s calming, tasty and makes me feel all warm inside. Don’t get me wrong, it still has a beautiful punch of THC that leaves you with a lingers and significant high, but is balanced out with a good amount of CBD that leaves a pleasant calming sensation.

The Specifics

The main terpenes in this strain are Alpha-Pinene which means you will get nice earthy, piney flavours. The seed is feminized meaning you do not have to worry about a pesky male popping out of the ground. This strain grows pretty big plants, so be wary of space. While the buds are going to be big but not too dense, so a little less worry of powdery mildew. The strain is recommended for an indoor grow or a greenhouse so it may experience difficulties when grown outside. Lastly, the flowering period is approximately 10 weeks and if heaven aligns will produce a yield of about 450 grams/m2.


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