Check Your Buds Trichomes

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Check Your Buds Trichomes

We have all seen them, the beautiful milky droplets that cover the outside of a particularly dank bud. Unfortunately most of the time we see trichomes it is on the internet when a grower with a fancy camera decided to show off his latest grow. I am here to tell you that you should be checking your buds trichomes more often. They are a great indicator of your plant’s growth during the growing process. They are obviously very small and difficult to make out, so would recommend the Trichome Microscope.

Why check them?

If you don’t know what trichomes are they are the little drops of resin that coat the bud. There are three main stages of trichome development, the clear stage, the cloudy stage and the amber stage. If you have access to a trichome micro-scope. As stated in our article WHEN is it Ready? each stage has a different effect and acts as an indication of how far the plant is from being ready to harvest.

A quick rundown is that if the trichomes are clear, the plant is still developing, if the trichomes are milky the plant is at its peak level and should be harvested, if they are turning amber the THC is deteriorating but the bud will develop a couch lock sensation. This is why it is so useful to check your trichomes. It can tell you about the stage of the plant and the high.

The Trichome microscope has a light and is 100x zoom, which will enable you to easily ascertain the colour of the trichomes. When the plant is nearing the stage where it should be harvested you should be inspecting each plants bud’s to determine the trichome development.


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