COB LED for DIY Grow Lights – Marijuana SA

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COB LED for DIY Grow Lights – Marijuana SA

DIY Grow Lighting

Make your own grow light with these 50W COB LED’s from the Marijuana SA grow store. These lights are inexpensive, super easy to wire up and when used, even easier to see great results.

In order to really gain popularity within the cannabis community the standard Light Emitting Diodes of yesteryear needed to get a serious improvement. LED grow lights have over the last years improved hugely and now offer super bright lights for very little wattage. There are three types of LED’s technology currently available these are, DIP, SMD and COB; we will discuss these now.

DIP Dual in-line package. Oldest LED technology which can still be found today as Christmas lights and other fairy light strings. They are dull, power intensive and cannot be pack together efficiently.

SMD Surface Mounted Device. These LED units are much brighter and have a better power efficiency.

COB Chip on Board. This new technology, the light emitting diodes offer a greater packing density and a higher packing density offers a much greater lumen density, much brighter lights.

Advantages of COB LED’s

  • Size of chip offers compactness
  • Full light spectrum
  • Intensity is high, highest at close distances
  • Light emitted is highly uniform at any height
  • Hugely simple. Only one circuit and two contacts for power
  • Temperatures are easier to maintain, increasing lifespan, reliability and stability
  • Offer growers a DIY method of producing light wherever you want
  • Low wattage used to produce super bright light
  • Low operating costs compared to other grow lights

COB LED’s sound awesome right? Well there is only one draw back, without the proper cooling of these chips via passive or active heat sinks they can burn out very quickly.

A super cool feature of these LED boards is that you can create your own grow light to suit your grow, they can be connected together to create larger more intense grow lights; just keep in mind that cooling though.

This is a great piece of technology and we are happy to have it in stock. Check it out here.

Disclaimer: this is by no means a DIY video intended to be followed to create a grow light; this only serves as a video to inform you of just how easy these things are to wire up, even for a layman.



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