Dry herb Vaporizers

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Dry herb Vaporizers

We just got our hand on a Dry Herb Vaporizer (ALD Amaze WOW) and its nothing short of a revelation. These days the kings of cannabis consumption are bongs, joints, and dabs. To be honest i have a feeling these vapes may give them all a run for their money.

In essence its a vape used to smoke flower or bud rather than needing oil. The best part is its super portable with it fitting in your pocket, and its really discrete as it looks like any other vape. It also super easy to prep, you just open it up and pack some grinded bud into the metal case. All you have to do then is press the button and pull.

The vape is not even burning the bud which is known as combustion, instead it works with convection. It uses a heated vapor which passes over the bud each time you take a hit.

Dry herb vaping is much better as you’re only vaping the Thc, Cbd, and terpenes. Meaning its not only heathier for you but you also get a smoother, cleaner taste of what you’re smoking. It even smells less, meaning you have the option of some sneaky smooth hits; wherever you are!

Although they are a little priecy, its no more than a really nice bong. One should at least try it. It’s always good to have more methods of smoking.


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  • Louan Reply

    Good day.
    Will you be able to give me prices on the dry herb Vaporisers please.
    Thanks you

    May 9, 2020 at 3:21 pm

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