Easy Indoor Cannabis Grow

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QTM150 Grow Light

Easy Indoor Cannabis Grow

Indoor Growing Done Easy

Andrew shows us just how green his thumbs really are, showing us how easy indoor growing is. Taking us through his very professional indoor grow, he runs us through everything from grow tent to his preferred grow nutrients, spoiler its BioBizz.

  1. Check available size and style of your grow
  2. Make sure your lights are suited to said style
  3. Use Plant Matter fabric grow bags, because they awesome
  4. Keep everything on a timer
  5. Attach a power metre to measure electricity usage
  6. Use pH balanced water
  7. Never forget to water because you use Blumat irrigation
  8. Don’t forget to thank the fans, always there for you 24hr/7-365 days
  9. Don’t forget to defoliate
  10. Better lights = Better buds

Here are Andrews top tips:

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