Easy To Use Rosin Press

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Easy To Use Rosin Press

Home-made is always better

Pressing rosin has come from humble beginnings. Not too long ago, the first people pressing rosin used hair straighteners. Now we have specialized and industrial equipment made to output the best possible product you can find. The v4.0 20 Tonne Rosin Press is a good example of the progress in rosin press technology the industry has experienced.

So what do we have?

The v4.0 20 Tonne Rosin Press is a easy to use hydraulic manual press. This means that you use the ‘pump’ the handle to increase pressure by a maximum of 20 tonnes. This amount of pressure is more than enough for semi-commercial operations. The press comes with two individual temperature dials, one for the top plate of the press and another for the bottom, with a maximum temperature of 110°C. This allows the user to individually adjust the temperatures of each plate. Controlling the amount of pressure, temperature and time allows you to control the amount of yield as well as the terpenes that come through. The higher the temperature and longer the time the bigger the yield, but you sacrifice some terpenes.

How’s it done?

The general rule of thumb we would recommend for biggers in terms of temerature and time is 100°C for 35 seconds for flower, and 85°C for 65 seconds for dry sift or hash. Another good method to start out with the press is to add enough pressure to snugly press down onto your rosin bag. Give it about 10 seconds to throughly heat the bag. Then consistently and slowly add pressure untill the maximum is reached. This also gives a good yeild. After each press remove your rosin and reuse the bag, perhaps changing your temperature or time! The best part about owning a press is that you can play around with times, methods of pressure and heat to find your best yeilds.


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