Elixir CBD Strain Review – Marijuana SA

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Elixir CBD Strain Review – Marijuana SA

Elixir Of The Gods

Elixir CBD Autoflowering Seed Information. Sex: Feminized. Variety: Indica / Sativa. Strain Genetics Viente :Uno CBD x Ruderalis. Flowering Type: Autoflowering.

MSA is beyond excited to be able to offer this new autoflowering variety, Elixir CBD Auto to out shop!

As this strain matures in your garden, it starts doing some unbelievable things. Flowers and sugar leaves almost out of nowhere, start to take on a deep purple, large white pistols protrude from each calyx. This is defiantly a one of a kind strain as the change in colour is not temperature induced like most purple buds. Once ready, lemon, herbs and a spicy earthy aromas propagate through any room as you open a jar, showing off this impressive terpene profile. Buds off the CBD Elixir once dry are so dark they almost look black.

Having both Indica and Sativa genetics being a hybrid, this CDB Elixir Auto is able to display both characteristics depending on environmental factors. The overall effect users will experience are those of a calming, relaxing of muscle tension as well as aiding in reducing muscle inflammation. CBD is non-psychoactive so patients looking to use this strain for a medical reason will be able to do so without ingesting high levels of THC.

CBD and its wealth of benefits as a health supplement, being able to scientifically aid with seizures, anxiety, post traumatic stress and depression. There is good reason why growers are starting to put these in their gardens.

Looking to produces high CBD flower as quickly as possible? Thinking of adding the Elixir CBD Auto to your home garden or in commercial business to make processed oils? Well Look no further because this strain tests up to 28:1 CBD/THC ratios.

Indoor growers should expect this strain to complete the flowering stage in 8 – 9 weeks.

Check out the video below to see Andrew and Dean having a smoke of this herb.

via https://youtu.be/0XYFUIlWtkU


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