Elixir CBD – Strain review

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Elixir CBD – Strain review

A calm and cool experience!

We are super excited to announce the release of our CBD seeds. CBD being such a big part of the Cannabis culture and a leader in terms of health benefits, we just had to stock them on our store. We recently finished up growing one and here we are to spread the news.

Firstly i have to mention the actual plant. It was one of the most unique plants i have ever seen. With a dark black core on the buds and the start of the leaves leading to a beautiful dark green. The buds also have a bright white hairs, contrasting with the black buds. The bud has a light earthiness and a touch of sweetness. The buds are light green with beautiful white coloured hairs

Smoking this plant is like no other. Obviously with very little THC the high is very different. The high is very clear headed, highly functional. The plant is perfect for someone who wants the health benefits of Cannabis but still need to work and function the whole day. These health benefits are dealing with pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

CBD strains are helping people all over the work and really helping people who need to constantly medicate but also need to be clear of mind and working. If you are interested pick up a seed off our website!


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