Extraction of Cannabinoids

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Extraction of Cannabinoids

The major constituents of cannabis include THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, terpenoids and flavonoids. Trace amounts of residual chemicals, microbes and pesticides can also be present if you’re not careful.

Extraction of cannabinoids refers to the physical and chemical separation of the cannabinol compounds from the plant matter. The result of the extraction is concentrate which should have a high concentration of THC or CBD.

Lab extraction of cannabinoids can include extraction systems that use chemicals such ethanol, butane, liquid CO2 or supercritical CO2 and hence safety should be of utmost concern. Ethanol and butane are extremely volatile and flammable hydrocarbons MUST be as far possible from an open flame. Although CO2 is inflammable, it can be expensive because of major chilling requirement. Rosin pressing remains a safe and easy means of extraction that is the best bet for any noncommercial setups.


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