Fat Banana – Strain Review

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fat banana

Fat Banana – Strain Review

Who doesn’t like banana?

Fat Banana is a cross between OG Kush and Chiquita Banana. The geniuses at Royal Queen Seeds were deep in the lab bringing this very unknown strain to the table. Growing some buds of Fat Banana is going to cause some jealously as i can bet very few people have heard of let alone smoked this strain!

One of the coolest parts of this plant is, well, the plant. It is nothing short of beautiful. The leaves are green, heavily contrasting against the bud which is a logic defying mix of white, purple and light greens. Another cool fact is the buds kinda smell like banana. Sure a little musky and earthy but i got that unmissable scent. The flavour of the strain is sweet with nice citrus flavours.

This indica dominant strain is strong! With levels of THC coming in at 25%, so be aware when smoking it. I can attest to that as the high was powerful, almost reminding me of the first time i smoked. With giggles, euphoria and an unstoppable hunger that ended in the snack cabinet.

So if you are keen to pick up this unique strain you can do so here!


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