First time pressing Rosin – Rosin Press

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rosin press

First time pressing Rosin – Rosin Press

Rosin is the new big thing!

We have all seen the videos of that gooey rosin dripping down parchment paper, but what is really going on? Rosin, which is commonly known as Dab when smoked, is becoming a popular way of consuming cannabis. Not many people have access to it or have even tried it but when you have its next-level. It’s a whole different experience, its powerful, flavourful and concentrated.

Why is it harder to get your hands on some?

For the simple reason its harder to make. To make the best rosin you need butane or a rosin press. Butane is dangerous to handle and a press is expensive. This means that rosin is hard to come across and usually its more expensive. Although its worth the price as what you get is a very high grade extract with all the buds natural terpenes and flavours

How does a rosin press work?

As you can see in the video the press essentially as a heated hydraulic press. Heat is a very important factor as it is necessary for the process of extraction but too much can be a problem. The heat must be perfectly controlled to ensure the preservation of the terpenes and cannabinoids, too much heat will result in the degradation. The next thing necessary is massive amounts to make up for the low temperature. The press heats up to the perfect temperature and then begins to slowly press down on the bud with increasing pressure and the result is that beautiful golden rosin.

Rosin presses are the future of cannabis extracts and if you’re interested in purchasing one, check out our website.




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