Fruit Cake – Strain Review

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Fruit Cake – Strain Review

This cake won’t cure your munchies

“Local is lekka” is a phrase that is often used to promote the purchasing of local products or to sum up the friendliness of the South African people. Today we are going to use the phrase in reference to the Fruit Cake strain. Which is an unbelievable strain brought to life by the caring hands of Dr Dankenstein.

The specifics

The strain hails from a cross of some strong genetics. The strain is bred from a cross of the pretty well known Banana Cake and Lemon Apricots strains. With Banana cake you get those fantastic banana flavoured blasts of euphoria and Lemon apricots adds a nice fruity twist. The strain tastes quite lemony, with a nice amount of sourness with maybe a touch of pungentness.

The strain is definitely an Indica. I got that classic sense of lethargic heaviness that lays gently on the body. I ended up locked on the couch happily giggling at a re-run of the office. The strain is definitely considered a high-Thc strain. It is supposedly 26% THC if grown well and I would believe it. The strain knocked me out for a few hours. I was useless in all the best ways.

The strain is a Photoperiodic and is not an autoflower. If grown outdoor your plant is going to flower with the change of seasons or you are going to need to change the light cycle if grown indoors. The plant is going to take around 7-9 Weeks to flower.


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