How To Clone Cannabis

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How to Clones Cannabis

How To Clone Cannabis

Shoot’n, Toot’n and ROOT’n

Cannabis clones should be taken from a healthy mother plant. Removal of a clone with at minimum 4-5 additional nodes (10-15 cm). Prepare as many Jiffy pellets or clone cups filled with coco-coir. A high humidity environment is key to stimulating the production of roots. Jiffy pellets retain moisture, the soft coco-coir promotes airflow and healthy root development. Leaves should be trimmed on cuttings, this ensures the plant does not waste energy making bigger leaves instead of roots. A low-powered LED light will be necessary to stimulate root development and keeping temperature above 18°C is highly recommend.

1. Cut stem at a 45° angle.

  • Ensure the use of a sharp scalpel or scissor.
    • Blunt blades will crush cells instead of cleanly cutting them.
    • Crushed cells will not make roots.
  • Using scalpel blade, gently scrape the bottom 1-2cm of stem to remove outermost epidermal layer.
    • This will stimulate new root development.

2. Apply rooting hormone to cutting.

  • Only a small coating of hormone is required to stimulate rooting.
  • Cutting can be placed into pH balanced water while more are taken.

3. Place cuttings 4-5cm into Jiffy pellet or coco-coir substrate.

4. Place Jiffy Pellets into a cloning dome to keep humidity up

  • Clip leaf tips, leaving 60% left.
    • These leaves will stop growing focusing energy on roots.

5. Mist clone dome every morning to provide additional moisture to leaves.

The Marijuana SA team sells cloning products individually or in two kits, the Easy Cloning Kit and Advanced Cloning Kit.


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