How to know if you’re burning your plants

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How to know if you’re burning your plants

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So your beautiful plants are looking a little sun burnt. This is a problem every indoor grower has dealt with. You change your bulb or you put the light too close and now you’ve have some shriveled plants. Well we are going to tell you how to make sure that you’re dealing with a light burn and not something else.

Yellow crusty leaves are a good identifier of light burn. The leaves will turn a slight yellow/brown and will being to harden and shrivel. This is a tricky one because yellow leaves are also an indicator of nitrogen deficiency, however this would mean that the leaves begin yellowing at the bottom. Light burn the leaves will begin yellowing at the top.

The next symptom would be the bleaching of the buds. This will result in the flowers turning an unnatural bright white colour. This is due to the plants being too close to high powered lights. While it may look cool this bleaching results in a massive degradation in THC, flavour and aroma’s.

To prevent further light burn, move your plants or lights away from one another. If this is not possible simply remove some bulbs to decrease the intensity. This should solve your problems.


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