How to test Cannabis potency South Africa

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South Africa Cannabis Potency Test how to where to

How to test Cannabis potency South Africa

Time to be sure of your product.

Up your game and know more about what you are smoking, however, how do you test Cannabis potency in South Africa?

Different ways to test?

  1. Home Kits
  2. Lab Tests

Home Test Kits

Home testing has a couple options, however the question will always be, how accurate are they? As well as, how consistent are they.

A quick google search pulls up two results that stand out as well as being available here in ZA.

The first option is a Mini Home Test Kit for THC.

Simple to use as well as continent for on the go tests. The kit contains two liquids that mix with the sample to change colour as an indicator of potency.

The simplicity of the test makes it desirable, mix and boom. However this raises suspicions of accuracy. Accuracy can be a major factor for some, as well as being overlooked by others.

For R750 you get 6 tests, paying R2900 for a larger test kit that can perform 6 tests at once as well as 6 overall tests per testing chamber; 36 tests in total.

The second option is the Gemmacert Potency Tester.

This extremely pricey piece of tech is an interesting table top potency tester.

Plug in the bud and get its tested in 5-10 minutes! However the issue here is that the accuracy is, to be frank, poor.

The device is not calibrated using any standard process as well as having an error of 10% up and down.

Priced at R77,00.00. This unit offers a guess-timation of potency at best.

Some things to consider:

1) Which companies test?
2) Is it legal?
3) What do the labs test for, and how?
4) How much does it cost?
5) How do I get my flower to the labs (is it safe)?
6) How do I contact the labs

Laboratory Testing

South Africa cannabis industry is booming. Therefore, laboratory cannabis potency testing is a service that will become a valuable service. As well as able to give the most accurate results.

Lab tests are 100% legal as well as safe. Most laboratories ask for samples to be sent via the courier, which is 100% safe.

As well as the accuracy the test comes with a certificate that proves your buds are quality products.

Useful for resale of flower to grow clubs, manufacturers of oils, creams as well as the import markets.

What do labs test?

Laboratory tests are on the pricy side, although you will be guaranteed accuracy.

Potency – Measure of the main cannabinoids found in the plant. The most well known and tested for cannabinoids are THC, THCv, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and CBDV.

Cannabinoid profiling done by Gas Spectrophotometer Machines.

Terpenes – These are the compounds that give cannabis its unique aroma as well as flavors.

Pesticides – Obviously this one is never wanted in buds as well as subject to each growers preference of use. Better safe than sorry.

Residual Solvents – When cannabis is extracted to make high potency oils, concentrates and edibles, solvents are known to be used. Butane, propane, isopropyl alcohol as well as acetone are common solvents. These solvents are known to cause harm to the users health. Industry is moving away from the use of solvents, as well as moving into alternative methods of extraction.

Microbial Analysis – Mildew, budrot as well as other mycotoxin testing can be performed.

Heavy Metals – Enter into cannabis via contaminated soils

Ecogreen Analytics

A new laboratory in Somerset West that offers many years of experience when it comes to pharmaceutical as well as food safety testing.


  • Potency (Full THC, THCv, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and CBDV profile)
  • Terpenes
  • Heavy Metals
  • Residual Solvents
  • Mycotoxins


R550 for potency analysis.
Other tests coming soon.


This company is on route to becoming the leading potency test laboratory in South Africa for cannabis. They use internationally accredited testing methods for testing. They have really put in the effort.

MSA Affiliated

Use code MSA001 when requesting a potency test from the website. This helps us out, we appreciate the opportunity to work with these wonderful people.


Located in the beautiful town of Montagu in the Western Cape. They offer the widest range of tests. However testing through them is a bit more pricey.


  • Potency (THC)
  • Full Cannabinoid Profile
  • Terpenes
  • Heavy Metals
  • Residual Solvents
  • Mycotoxins
  • Pesticides
  • Foreign Materials
  • Moisture


A full profile of Cannabinoids costs R975.
Other pricing can be found here: Qure – Services


At the price you pay per test, you really get a comprehensive analysis of your product. Therefore it is well worth the money. They test a wide range of pesticides as well as solvent for dab, oils and concentrates.

Laboratory Delivery

Samples are sent to the laboratories and it is all 100% safe. You have no risk of the HAWKS showing up at your door.


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  • A Reply

    How do you think the testing of genetics is going to expand our understanding of the plant and its origins? I’d be interested to see what sort of “land race” genetics are evident in some more bred strains. It would be great to work towards finding the oldest known genetics and cultivating those plants.

    November 16, 2021 at 11:03 am
    • Gianenzo Spagnuolo Reply

      Cannabis genetics testing will become a very important part of medical growing, as the main characteristics that can be identified by growers are observed as the plant grows. Genetics testing will be able to capture strains and areas of DNA that will be sought after for specific medicines. Landrace genetics will be found in almost every strain of “modern” cannabis strains and the degree of relatedness to their older ancestors, that have not been crossbred, will be interesting to compare.

      The understanding of how cannabis DNA changes over time will impact growing only slightly and might impact it greatly.

      November 30, 2021 at 8:50 am

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