How to Wire an In-Line Fan for growing Cannabis – Hydor

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How to Wire an In-Line Fan for growing Cannabis – Hydor

Air Circulation

Being able to remove and replace old air with fresh air in your grow room is going to ward away any funny issues. Most growers will setup a standard oscillating fan or two, however an inline fan will drastically change the game. Master Air Bending young Avatar and you will be blessed with beautiful harvests.

Climatic changes in small grow spaces are more frequent and a lack of airflow rapidly influences humidity, and temperature, we discussed this topic HERE. As photosynthesis occurs, grow room CO2 levels drop. CO2 drops can cause plants to stop absorbing nutrients. Moulds, mildews and pests are prone to pop up in high humidity conditions.

Inline fans act as active ventilation, actively drawing out old air and replacing it with new fresh air. In combination with the passive airflow of an oscillating fan, the two types of ventilation are recommended for a healthy grow. Oscillating fans will promote the strengthening of stems as they move around in the wind while growing; stronger stems can support bigger buds. Controlling temperatures and humidity removes unwanted stress on your plants and allows them to grow to their bests.

Setting up and active and passive airflow system is simple enough as almost everything needed can be found in our SHOP. Only a couple meters of ducting, some brackets, an inline fan , power cable and your oscillating fans are required. Mounting an inline fan is simple enough and videos can be found on YouTube. However, below you can watch Dean wire up one of these inline fans.



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