Humidity and Temperature During Curing

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Humidity and Temperature During Curing

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You’re almost there. You have spent months tending to your plant and now you have cropped. You have kilograms (hopefully) of bud lying around your house drying. This is the second last step to getting that bud perfect ready for smoking. During the drying step, your plants are gonna lose about 70% of their moisture, which will take around 2-7 days. After they have finished drying your buds are not ready to smoke unfortunately and require curing which develops the smell and taste of the bud.

The Curing Requirements

Curing is usually done in air-tight jars and stops the last bit of moisture from escaping the jars. This ensures a better quality smoking experience. The curing specifically ensures the aromas and terpenes are preserved. The two key issues that one must take cognisance of when curing are temperature and humidity. The humidity should be somewhere between 55-65% during the curing process. Temperature is a worry as terpenes are heat sensitive and begin to degrade if the temperature gets too high. Furthermore, mildew and other moulds thrive at a temperature of about 25-30°C, meaning you have to ensure your temperature is below this level.

A Little Help

The best way of ensuring you have these requirements is to store your cannabis in a cool, dry and dark area. To ensure you have the perfect conditions for curing cannabis you can always employ a little help. You can use a Boveda Humidity Control Sachet to ensure your jars are kept to the right humidity. Their two-way humidity system ensures that the jar is kept to the humidity of either 58 or 62% humidity. You just pop the sachet into the jar and it works all on its own. If you want a specific reading for a particular important jar you can use the Xikar – Round Cannabis Jar Hygrometer which you pop into the jar. It gives you an accurate reading of the temperature and humidity in the jar.

So get out there are start curing!


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