Humidity levels for cannabis

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Humidity levels for cannabis

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The final yield of your plant is very heavily influenced by the very important factors relating to plant growth. Things like light, nutrients and of course humidity. People often think that bigger lights and more nutrients are the key to a bigger yield but they forget about humidity and temperature.

We are going to give you a general ‘rule of thumb’. For this rule you are going to need a humidity and temperature sensor.

  • Seedlings have very weak root structures and so to be able to take it more water they need high humidity levels of 65-75% with temperatures of 25°C during the day and 20°C at night.
  • Vegetative plants require more moderate humidity levels of 40-65% with temperatures of 22–28°C during the day and 18–24°C at night.
  • Flowering plants need a lowered humidity of 40-50% (try keep it below 55%) with temperatures of 20-26 C° when your lights are on.
  • If you want to during late flowering (last 2 weeks) bring your humidity down to 30-40% with temperatures of 18–24°C during the day and 16-20°C during the nights.

Humidity is a really important factor in keeping your plants healthy and happy and proper humidity control can not only result in a bigger yield but also the flavour and look of your plants. You can pick up a humidity and temperature sensor here


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