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Identifying Male Cannabis Plants – Marijuana SA

Where’s Waldo and who is Wanda?

In modern cannabis cultivation, males and females are kept separate or males are outright removed from fields; but how do we tell which is which? Let’s dive into a brief history lesson, followed by a simple way to identify males and females.

The roots of the cannabis plant stretch back hundreds, if not thousands of years into human history, used for ropes, sails, clothing and livestock feed by the early slave traders. These slave traders not only used the hemp fiber but also the resin covered flowers, this was primarily given to the slaves to relax them.

Only within the last 100 odd years after the spread of cannabis from Mexico to America did the art of cultivating high quality cannabis flowers emerge, but what sparked this higher quality cannabis?

When growers started to experiment by removing males from their fields, these OG’s started to noticed that the removal of the males caused the females to not produce seed and instead grow bigger more resin covered flowers that we all know and love, this seedless flower is now known as Sinsemilla.

Male or Female?

Female cannabis flowers are identified by the pistol protruding from the calyx (flower). Pistols are the long white, hairy structures which will catch pollen. If you cannot see these pistols emerging from the flower, suspect it could be a male.

Once a male cannabis plant reaches maturity, flowers like these start to form. The flowers they are small rounded sac like structures that will never show signs of pistols coming from them, unless it is a hermaphrodite (shows both male and female flowers).

Uses for Males?

Once removed from your garden you can use the whole plant in a multitude of different ways. Throw them into your compost and turn it back into food for your misses, or take the leaves and use them for cooking or tea, they are full of nutrients to keep you healthy too.

If you’re keen on making your own strains and seeds then keeping male pollen with strong genetics and cross with your favorite females to preserve their genetics for next time round, maybe you will find the next cannabis cup strain?

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