Juicy Hemp Blunt Wrap – Review

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Juicy Hemp Blunt Wrap – Review

A Burst of Flavour

Use one of the many flavours of the Juicy Hemp Blunt Wrap to enhance your smoking experience. Blunts are one of the quintessential methods of consuming cannabis right up there with hitting a bong and smoking a joint. Next time you feel a hankering for a joint, I would recommend using one of these flavoured hemp blunt wraps instead of your typical rolling paper.

Why a Hemp Wrap?

The usual blunk wraps are made out of tobacco so what makes Juicy’s Hemp Warps so different? They are a healthier alternative to tobacco wraps as they are made from 100% organic hemp rather than made with tobacco containing nicotine. This also means that hemp wraps are free of many of the chemicals and additives found in tobacco wraps.

While this one is a little bit more subjective, smokers say that hemp wraps offer a better smoking experience. Die-hard users of hemp wrap’s state that these organic wraps provide a smoother, and slower burn and smoke than their tobacco counterparts.

Lastly, they taste really good! Even if you don’t smoke blunts I have to recommend trying Juciys wraps for their flavours, each puff of the wrap results in an explosion of flavour. They taste natural, fruity and come through clearly with the smoke while also not taking away from the beautiful earthy taste of the bud inside. These hemp wraps really compliment the bud they are used with, resulting in an interesting flavourful experience. The flavours we tried were Purple, Blue, Manic, Tropical and Red Alert.


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