Kali Mist – Strain Review

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kali mist

Kali Mist – Strain Review

Things are lookin real misty

Kali Mist is a mystical (sorry) strain to say the least. A strain with unknown origins. It is said to have originated in the 1990s being a cross of two powerful sativa strains. Kali Mist is another strain that has earned itself a few awards.

This pure sativa have a spicy pungent aroma, quite uncharacteristic of sativa’s. While the taste was a definite mix of citrus fruits. The buds themselves were a nice dark shade of green with light orange hairs littering the bud. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of trichomes sprouting from the bud.

The high was the classic cerebral rush that people are so found of sativas for. You feel a rush of energy and upliftment. I had little work to do and i am happy to say i not only blazed through it but i felt excited by it. The creativity and euphoria were a beautiful feeling to go with my writing. This strain i would recommend with stress relief. While i could do some work i felt much more relaxed and at ease than before.

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