KingBrite 240W LED Grow light – Product review

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KingBrite 240W LED Grow light – Product review

The king of cost-effective quality

The KingBrite 240W is an excellent choice of LED for an indoor grower. It allows the grower access to a LED grow light with the superior technology of the quantum board. While still remaining at an affordable price compared to similar brands, while still providing good quality of material and high output and performance.

Why the KingBrite 240W?

The simple answer to why the KingBrite 240W quantum board grow light is a cut above is that it has high output and is efficient on power. The LED is only 240w which is extremely. This is especially true in comparison to an 800w metal halide light, so the KingBrite costs less to operate and purchase and in the end you will be saving about 80% on energy. While the output is still 220 lumen/watt, which is a very impressive output for much lower energy use. So you save money while not sacrificing performance.

Spectrum and Coverage

The KingBrite uses a combination of Samsung LM301H and Epistar 660nm, IR 730nm and UV 395nm LEDs which means it outputs the full spectrum of light needed for every stage of the cannabis plants growth. A function of the wide quantum board is better coverage. The even distribution of diodes over a large surface means light emanates directly down, offering an even light spread of light over a wide area.

Low price low quality

When a product is a cut lower in price compared to its competitors you expect it to have lower-quality parts. This is not true for the KingBrite. It comes with a MeanWell driver, which Is one of the best drivers on the market. In addition to this, the quantum board itself is from Samsung which allows for even, widespread distribution of heat. No external cooling is required other than the included heatsink.


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