Little Amsterdam Headshop

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little amsterdam headshop

Little Amsterdam Headshop

We can help you grow it, and they can help you smoke it!

Once again we here at MSA want to shed some light on the awesome people in the cannabis industry and the stuff they are doing. A few weeks ago we went to check out the Little Amsterdam Headshop in Cape Town, and all the cool products they stock.

First I have to mention their look. A beautifully curated store, with an awesome neon sign just inviting you in. The Dutch building stickers were also a really cool touch. Then you walk in and you are greeted by wall to wall bongs and pipes. I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

Little Amsterdam was the first head shop in South Africa to cater specifically to marijuana and you can tell. They stock over 5000 Bongs and Pipes, but they also have an array of grinders, rolling papers, and just cool marijuana products. They have got glass and acrylic Bongs and an array of pipes. They also have Dab Rigs!

Shopping for bongs online is great, but there is nothing like perusing the shelf looking at each piece and finally finding that bong that is going to be your living room ornament for years to come!

Dean and Andrew visit Little Amsterdam Headshop


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