Low Stress Training for Cannabis

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Low Stress Training for Cannabis

Lets get bendy

Low Stress Training (LST) is a great way to maximize the yield of your plant. The best part is that it is a super easy to do! The process involves gingerly bending and tying down your plants branches and stem. LST has been used for centuries by farmers to maximize the amount of fruit on their plants.

LST is to stop the plant from growing as a singular kind of cone but rather to create a canopy that will grow at the same height, ensuring a bigger yield. The next reason for LST is that light is equally distributed, meaning that the entire plant is exposed to the same amount of light.

So how do you LST your plant?

Start by making a few small holes near the rim of your plants container. Then very gently bend the plant towards the rim of the container. Loop some plant ties through these holes and around the plant tying it down.

If there are any slight breaks or snaps of the stem be ready with some tape to fix it. It will be fine as long as it didn’t completely come off. You just need to ensure you maintain a nice equal and flat canopy, tying down any branches that begin to grow out of shape.


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