Marijuana SA Weekly (EP45) Ft. Dean and Andy

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP45) Ft. Dean and Andy

Private Clubs

Private cannabis culture, what is it, and why is it the way forward currently? The Fields of Green For All team have been the leaders of South African cannabis activism, and without them, we would not have the current legislation. Within South Africa, cannabis is legal for adult cultivation, consumption and processing within a private space. Despite this there is still a huge black market trade of cannabis, but why? Everyone can now grow their own?

When someone is unable to grow their own, due to lack of interest or lack of space and time; they turn to the black market. The definition of a private space is where the culture and clubs meet. When we create a private space we simultaneously create a safe space. A space where we should not feel like criminals. These spaces will now empower the community to trade within a private location.

What is a Private Cannabis Club?

Any registered, non-profit corporation that runs out of a private place where cannabis is available for retail. Buyers and sellers of herb can come and feel safe knowing that everything is above board. The purchase of bud from such a club requires a membership with the said club. Members are read their rights and educated on how the club operates. Member must accept that all cannabis acquired is for personal consumption and may not exceed a specified amount.

How Does it Work?

Members may only join and purchase cannabis if they have a history with the herb and accept personal responsibility for their own actions when high. Being in possession of a doctors prescription for cannabis, as a new user will permit you access to the club. However new users that just wish to “try it out” will not be allowed access.

Growers for a club must be registered and follow specific guidelines to ensure only the finest quality buds go on sale. Growers will be subjected to random checkups, by club members, to ensure that they are meeting the clubs guidelines.

The Benefits Of Cannabis Private Clubs

Lovers of cannabis can now walk into a shop, feel safe and empowered as they walk out or sit down inside and enjoy their flower without shame. The bud from these clubs would be of high quality, going through tests to ensure safety for consumption.

Clubs should be able to host events that spread the cannabis culture in a professional manner to local and international markets, demonstrating the place cannabis fills spiritually, culturally and economically for those that embrace it in their lives.

Starting a Club?

Make sure you have everything thought out and planned, bigger is not better here, keep things small and organized, keep everything on record and stick with people you trust. The entire process of growing, harvesting and processing of said flower must be regulated and recorded to ensure quality products.

Make sure to check out the Fields of Green for All website, paying close attention to the Cannabis Private Club manifesto available to download, this document has everything you could need to know to start up your club.

Link is down below to an Andrew and Deans run-through of the documents found on the Field Of Green For All website.



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