Marijuana SA Weekly (EP52) 1 Year of Podcasting!

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP52) 1 Year of Podcasting!

Podcasting for 1 year!

Two special guests join the Marijuana SA team for their weekly show that gives you all the information that you need to stay informed and have a good time doing it.

What a way to celebrate 52 episodes; on their 22nd day of lock-down here in South Africa, the MSA team is joined by Ev and Sas, via virtual digital technology for this special 1 year podcast.

A year of laughter, memories and dank marijuana, the team sends a huge thank you to all their following and supporters on all their platforms. They talk about the year that has passed as well as the evolution of their podcasts. Andrew brings up some of their old videos and start feeling that deep nostalgia, looking back at some highlights like having the Dagga Couple in studio, their crazy Halloween dab rig and their most disliked video in YouTube.

During this time South Africa is currently under a nation wide lock-down, following the global fight against Covid-19. The team focus and discuss with their guests the effects and concerns surrounding this time of year. The team discuss the moving forward of the podcasts as well as the MSA brand moving through these uncertain times. The team stays optimistic and holds their heads high.

As always thanks for your love and support, if you could please like, comment and subscribe. Store link HERE.



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