Marijuana SA Weekly (EP55) Ft. Friday Night Laughs

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP55) Ft. Friday Night Laughs

Marijuana SA Weekly (EP55) Ft. Friday Night Laughs

Welcome to Episode 55 of Marijuana SA Weekly. The cannabis Show that gives you all the information that you need to stay informed and have a good time doing it. We wanted to take things a little bit less seriously this week, so we decided to review and react to some funny and interesting Youtube content.

Ever seen someone smoke a 2.7 gram dab? Bacck Criminal  have never seen such a crazy dab hit in their lives! Check out the guys face after that hit!

Revisit the laughs of the famous Biz Show with an ultimate snippet from S2E02.

Stoners and glass bongs, a love story or a tragic tale of heartbreak? Andrew and Dean oogle over some of the Vice most expensive bongs ever. Would you smoke out these expensive bongs or keep them as art?

Ever wondered what started the reefer maddness? Check out what the team has to say about some old propaganda.  

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