Marijuana SA Weekly (EP57) – Grow Updates

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP57) – Grow Updates

Marijuana SA Weekly (EP57) – Grow Updates

Welcome to Episode 57 of Marijuana SA Weekly. The Show that gives you all the information that you need to stay informed and have a good time doing it. This week Andrew and Dean discuss their grows as well as the new legislation regarding the CBD industry.

Grow update:

Andrew and Dean discuss the recent Marijuana SA seed banks Girl Scout Cookies harvest from Canuk Seeds. The team discuss some new genetics from Divine Seeds Breeding Company they are testing out before possibly adding to the store. This Afghani company has deep roots and with over 15 years of experience with cannabis genetics this team of two scientist have bread together some of the most iconic strains and lineages. If the team is satisfied with the genetics, expect to see it in the seed banks soon!

CBD update:

In March 2020 South Africa announced that the sale of CBD related goods will only be permitted to those people in possession of a medical certificate. Previous to this ruling, South Africans could walk into any local pharmacy and or herbal shop and pick up CBD drops or creams; now no more.

What can we expect going forward with regards to CBD and Hemp? This new ruling is expected to be reviewed mid 2020 following the public response to the changes. There is great amount of money to be made in the cannabis industry if it is setup correctly and sustainably, the medical side, recreational side and industrial side.

Keeping the fire burning as we thank all our supporters and friends out there.



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