Marijuana SA Weekly (EP59) How to Start a Cannabis Podcast

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP59) How to Start a Cannabis Podcast


Influencers, activists, entrepreneurs, role-models; Dean and Andrew speak about their journey creating content for their social media platforms surrounding marijuana. Anyone can do it and face the challenges; if you want to hear more about the MSA journey, watch the video.

The cannabis industry is unexplored waters for most, the Netherlands, America and Canada are among the countries where the culture is really taking off and people are really creating cool content. Recently now, South Africa has joined this international team of marijuana connoisseurs, allowing the spread of media and interest. Brave South Africans now looking to get involved in cannabis media have great opportunity to spread their content to other enthusiastic people.

Starting Up?

There is a wide amount of cannabis related topics to choose from. Keep your content professional and clean, make sure it is well thought out and original. Cover all your bases; make sure YouTube knows you are not glorifying the use of drugs; but instead trying to educate others on their effects, benefits and uses. Watching guys smoking huge dabs is fun, they often make us laugh and want to smoke one ourselves, but we shouldn’t be glorifying these oaks.

A Word of Warning…

So why should South Africans remain vigilant? Even just advertising and selling everything you’ll need to grow your own stash, the Marijuana SA team have still had their social media accounts flagged, blocked and removed in the past. People will still message and email you asking if you sell bud, just turn them away because you can get in trouble this way.

Remember, not everyone is on our side, some people are still of a more conservative mindset and assume Marijuana is just as bad as heroin. We try to challenge this mindset, showing people that we are not bad people; we just love our plants and like laughing, is that so bad?

Now, if you have a grow tent, a nice camera and you can take exciting cannabis related photos; virtually anyone can potentially turn themselves into a rock-star with the right publicity, just be confident enough to take the leap and try it out!

Thank you for reading, supporting and making our dream come true. As always, visit the grow shop, HERE.



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