Marijuana SA Weekly EP61 Ft Myrtle Clark

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Marijuana SA Weekly EP61 Ft Myrtle Clark


Over 32 thousand signatures, South Africans are saying, “NO”. #StopTheCops. Help put food on tables and give people the power to change their lives. Cannabis saves lives and you are now able to help. Sign the Fields of Green For All petition HERE to show your support.

Since 2012 the Fields Of Green For All team have been accumulating signatures for their petition to legalize cannabis. Over the past 8 years these activists have been gathering research and evidence from around the world to prove once and for all, that cannabis is the wonderplant.

The main goal is to decriminalize the sale of cannabis within South Africa, anyone using cannabis as a means to feed their family and improve their lives should not be oppressed by cops.

When compared to other much more toxic pharmaceutical grade drugs, cannabis, due to its low toxicity has been found to produce no adverse long lasting side effects, when consumed regularly. When considering the thousands if not millions of people cannabis inspires and helps daily, as well as the evidence to back it up, we cannot sit back any-longer. We must educate the law makers on the potentials of cannabis.

The fact that cannabis is for human consumption poses health and safety issues for those that use it. The creation of a open cannabis market will allow the creation of private clubs. At these clubs cannabis quality can be monitored and regulated, these precautions keep customers safe from tainted products.

Opening the sales of high THC herb to the private sectors, has been proven to produce millions of dollars in annual tax revenue for American states. If the South African government really cared about making good money, they would take a leaf out the Americans book.

Cannabis played a huge role in getting us to where we are today, and it is up to us to get it to where we want it. Let us join as one and create the change together. Let us create a world filled with tolerance and acceptance, through the breaking down of old stigmas and replacing them with the love of cannabis.

If you are interested in hearing updates from the MSA teams grows then check out the video below and as always, thanks for liking and subscribing to the MSA YouTube; we appreciate all the love and support to our grow SHOP.



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