Marijuana SA Weekly (EP63)

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP63)

A Sad Day For South Africans

Upon waking on the morning of 3 July 2020, South Africans were hit with the shocking reality that Julian Stobbs, a key figure fighting for the legalization of Cannabis in South Africa, had been murdered in his own house that morning during an armed robbery.

Julian Stobbs and his wife Myrtle Clarke, best known as the Dagga Couple, have been representing the people and standing up for Cannabis use since their arrests in 2010. They were fighting alongside the Fields Of Green For All movement to allow the free trade of cannabis as well as helping those arrested unlawfully for cannabis.

Upon hearing the news for myself, holding back tears from filling my eyes was impossible, shaking and unable to understand just how such a thing could have happened. Group chats and social media were filled with mourning individuals sending loving and supportive messages. From a truly connected community, all these messages felt like one enormous family comforting each other after the passing of a well known member.

Julian and the lives he was able to change, inspire and motivate during his time on earth will never be forgotten. A true selfless hero that was fighting for us.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Myrtle as she griefs, may the strength of Jah guide us into the light and may we focus on the good and not dwell on the past.



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