My experience growing basil

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My experience growing basil

Basil in my grow tent?

Andrew from Marijuana SA struggles with a thrip infestation, but thanks to the power of a basil plant or two he manages to overcome the thrip invasion, proving that basil is a great addition to any grow setup. Only the best for the best.

What does thrip damage look like?

The leaves of your plants are little solar panels that convert light into food for growth, thrips are little speedy insects that damage these solar panels as seen in image on left. Thrips can be a real headache.

Their damage, if large enough can start to reduce the efficiency of your plants and seriously stunt their growth, this is why their control is so important.



The most common treatment is the use of misting insecticide. Depending on the stage of your grow the application of insecticide through misting can be problematic. Some of these insecticides are dangerous to humans and animals so typically organic growers stay away from these products, while you do get the organic non-harmful ones these also cannot be used during flower.


Basil has been long known to vegetable and herb growers to repel the mighty thrip armies in a safe and fun way. The essential oils that produce the strong smell of basil drive off the thrips, making basil a must have companion plant in your grow.

Basil tips

When adding basil to your grow, make sure to protect the small basil plants against the very intense light of your setup to avoid sunburn and wilting.

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