Northern Lights Strain review

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Northern Lights Strain review

Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains around. It is a hybrid between two land races, those being Afghani and Thai land race strains. It is almost a pure indica strain.

What is quite interesting is that no one has yet to take credit for its creation. The genetics are said to be from California, the home of many great strains, however it was developed near Seattle. The seed then traveled to Holland where Sensei Seeds commercialized the strain.

The beautiful green coloured bud is usually painted in crystals, sometimes having a purple hue. The buds themselves have a pungentness to them, smelling strongly of sweet and spiciness.

With Northen Lights being an Indica strain you get that feeling of strong relaxation and calmness. You might get some couch lock but you will feel right at home being there! Many report a nice feeling of happiness and euphoria.

In terms of medical uses, like with most indica strains, it can be used to treat anxiety, stress, and it will have some pain relief. The negatives of smoking this strain is a slight bit of dry mouth and some reporting dry eyes.

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