Our Experience At The Cannabis Expo – South Africa 2021

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Our Experience At The Cannabis Expo – South Africa 2021

Another year, another expo

A few weeks back the MSA team packed our bags and headed up to Jozi for the annual Cannabis Expo in Sandton. Now that a few weeks have passed we would like to recount our experiences and make a few observations on what we liked and what caught our attention. Seeing as this is not our first Cannabis Expo it has been interesting to see how things have changed.

For those who do not know the Cannabis Expo is an industry and consumer event. It is focused on cannabis culture and industry in South Africa and the world. The event has over a 100 exhibitions focused on various aspects of the cannabis culture acting as a marketplace or providing education. There is the contention stage where industry leaders and cannabis experts discuss the various areas of the industry.

Our experience

First off we gotta say our highlight was meeting so many of you guys. We opted for a more relaxed vibe this year. We simply set up a couple of couches and a coffee machine. Our idea was that we were hoping to meet our community and meet others from the industry. You guys wowed us! We got to meet and chat with so many people who showed us the passion that characterizes the marijuana industry in South Africa.

It was incredibly exciting that we were able to talk at the convention stage. We discussed how media is related to the cannabis industry. Our talk focused on the difficulties of running the media for a business in South Africa related to cannabis. It was interesting to see the amount of corporate attention the cannabis industry is getting. While this may seem like a bad thing, this gets us pretty excited. IT means that more and more people are viewing the industry as having potential.

We even caught a peek of David Makhura walking about. He is the premier of Gauteng for the ANC and it’s rumoured that he has a love of the cannabis industry (we would love to have you on the podcast Mr Makhuru if you are reading this).

All in all, it was another great year for the cannabis expo. For us, it showed us the diversity and potential of the cannabis industry in South Africa. We cannot wait for the next year and what it has in store for us.


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