Pest Control With Neem Oil

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Pest Control With Neem Oil

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There are few things more destructive and downright annoying than pests on your plants. They can disrupt the growth of your plant, inhibit its growth, make the buds unsmokeable or even kill the plant itself. That is why you need to ensure that you have the proper methods of pest control, which we recommend Bio Neem Oil.

What do we have here?

Bio Neem is a broad-spectrum contact insecticide. It can be used on a wide variety of plants, including cannabis so you do not have to worry about the neem oil harming your precious buds. The insecticide affects the reproductive cycle of plants and their eating habits. It effectively removes the appetite of the incests, meaning they will no longer snack on your plants.

Neem oil is effective against a wide range of pests including  Aphids, White Fly, thrips and many other soft-bodied insects. The pesticide is 100% organic as it is extracted from the neem tree which contains azadirachtin which is a natural pesticide.

Directions of use

Neem oil is applied directly to the plant. The manufacturer recommends 500ml of neem oil per 100L of water. This is a massive amount but you can reduce it in proportion. I normally do about 5ml per 1L of water. To apply the pesticide to the plant, you must create your mix and then apply it using a spray bottle. We personally use the with a Pump Up Compression Sprayer – 2L. Neem oil takes a few days to begin to take effect on the pests.


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